We use nothing but the best. Guaranteed.

  • Apples – Full of fiber and vitamins, apples contribute to good digestion and a dog’s healthy skin and glossy coat
  • Beets – This fiber-filled super food packed with anti-oxidants that benefitthe heart, skin and immune system
  • Carrots – Loaded with beta-carotene, this simple veggie puts a healthy twinkle in your pup’s eyes and a new sparkle in their smile
  • Cheddar – Pups go crazy for this tasty source of calcium that promotes strong bones
  • Meats – We don’t use any part of the animal that we wouldn’t feed our ownfamilies, and only select the leanest cuts available.
  • Mint – This natural breath-freshener also helps soothe an achy tummy
  • Peas – High in protein, fiber and minerals, these lil guys help boost heart health
  • Peanuts – Rich in vitamins and minerals and tasty too – no wonder dogs go nuts for them
  • Pumpkin – This well-known tummy- tamer is full of vitamin A, beta-carotene and minerals
  • Spinach – Chock full of iron and anti- oxidants, this leafy green is great for maintaining strong bones and a hearty immune system